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   Chris Holbrook in the borrowed ‘Cuda of Bob Kulberg managed to come away the championship Season VI DRAGSTAR.
Area 51 Racing
Grand Championship Series Season Finals – October 21st, 2017 Tucson Dragway
Arizona Di erential Specialists SportComp Eliminator Double Down DragOut Gambler
American DRAGCAR‘s Area 51 Racing Season VI Grand Championship Series  nalized on October 21st at Tucson Dragway and produced its  rst repeat DRAGSTAR champion.
SportComp Eliminator qualifying started around 11 AM which was perfect as racers were not faced with big performance as the temperature was already warm. After qualifying was  nished, Gene Igo stood as the Low Quali er with his dragster posting a 7.433@180.79mph. #2 of the Fast Five was Mark Ballard with his famous blown ’58 Delray managing a 9.150@154.55mph while Geanine Ballard in her blown ’67 Camaro took the #3 spot with her 9.340@143.61mph
onto 4th with a 9.752@136.48mph the blue Fox by a fender, 10.524 over Racing Cuda against the Ron Shelly and and Kody Robinson in his ’70 Camaro   11.163. Geanine Ballard then brought   his angry Vega in a “do or die” pairing rounded out the Fast Five with his her Camaro against James Sorenson’s as Shelly would have to put Holbrook 10.227@126.27mph. Nova, and with nearly identical RT’s, out in order to at least have a shot at the
There was lots of excitement coming she gave chase of just over 2 seconds. At title. Holbrook left  rst and after Shelly into this season’s  nal race as Chris the  nish line, only the computer knew was in chase, it was Holbrook’s healthy Holbrook not only had the Bounty on his who won as Ballard’s winning 9.369 on RT advantage that helped send him into head as the points leader, but three other her 9.35 was just .008 of a second ahead the next round as he ran 11.024 on his racers were still in the hunt for that season of Sorenson’s 11.225 on his 11.20 e ort. 11.00 over the hard charging 9.776 on championships, including two other Then Kyle Holbrook lined his Mustang a 9.75. Michael Porter’s Mustang then previous season DRAGSTAR’s, Ron up against Mike O’Donnell driving lined up on a 12.55 index against Matt Shelly & Marvin Wolfmeier. And who Polito Racing’s Mustang. Holbrook left Ballard in his Vega with a 10.65 index. else was still in the hunt? The leader’s  rst on his 12.40 index but O’Donnell Once both sides of the tree fell, it was son, Kyle Holbrook!. Everybody else in closed the gap by more than 4 hundredths Ballard with over .040 RT advantage. At the  eld however was looking for a race with his RT advantage alone as he gave the stripe it was the big inch Chevy by win and the top ten season bonus paying chase on a 10.35 index. At the  nish line, just .020, 10.719 over the slightly better spots. nobody knew the winner until the light 12.600 e ort. And Mark Ballard in his
Round 1 of opened with Gary Cope came on as Holbrook’s 12.368 stopped Chevy Delray closed out the round with in his Mustang going up against Je  the clocks just .003 of a second ahead the bye-run into the next round. Sefranek in the Growler Racing “Colt of O’Donnell’s 10.365 charge. Marvin Round 2 opened with Mark Ballard on Of Arms” Mustang. Sefranek left  rst Wolfmeier brought his Vega against Bob a new 9.00 index facing Kody Robinson on his 11.15 index as Cope had to wait Thurston’s ’57 Chevy, and while Wolf still running on a 10.20, and Robinson’s just over a half-second with his 10.55 had a slight .008 RT advantage, Chevy .015 light was just too much to overcome index, and Cope’s .024 was a hundredth Bob held on for the win, running 12.164 as Ballard fell short even with an 8.913 better than Sefranek’s 0.34, but at the on a 12.15 over an 11.030 on an 11.00 under-index blast against the winning 1000’ mark it was still the gold pony e ort. Finally, it was the Chris Holbrook 10.262. Then Chris Holbrook dispensed
Story by Jeff Sefranek • Photos by Jeff & Perla Sefranek
    charge. Ron Shelly in his ’74 Vega held   out in front. At the stripe though it was   to the line in the borrowed Underdog   of Bob Thurston to continue his points
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