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lead but Thurston’s .030 RT advantage   The Semi-Finals had Geanine Ballard   Coolers Season Finals Bonus purse so   Gene Igo got the SportComp
  was enough to do the job as he held on for the win, 12.159 on his 12.15 over the better 10.999 on an 11.00 e ort. Gary Cope came up with a 10.55 index against Paul Polito on a 10.85, and Polito put a solid .027 on Cope o  the line with his .019 light, but at the  nish line it was Cope ahead by .040 with an under- index 10.503 over the 10.872 e ort. Here though was a “steal” as Cope’s .047 under-index performance exceeded Polito’s .041 package, and Paul Polito not only scored round points, but he also got the Fair Competition Guarantee Free Return for his next race.
Round 3 started with Gary Cope on a new 10.50 index against Tom Payton in his ‘Vette running an 11.05 index. Payton left  rst, and Cope’s .031 light was tough, but Payton’s .008 RT was really tough. At the  nish line, it was the RT advantage that did it as Payton held on for the win with an 11.066 over a 10.512. Geanine Ballard then lined up against Kody Robinson, but Robinson’s .003 red took the pressure o  and Ballard eased on throughwith a 9.44 on her 9.35. Finally, it was Butch Saylor in his Malibu on an 11.00 index going against Bob Thurston on his 12.15 index. Saylor’s .019 light would have been tough to beat paired with his 10.991 but Thurston’s .003 red ended his hopes.
paired up against Butch Saylor while Tom Payton would get a bye-run into the  nal, but as luck would have it, Saylor’s Chevy failed to  re for the round and Ballard was declared the winner without even leaving the staging lanes, and since everybody was already there and suited up, all of a sudden, it became the Final Round with Ballard vs. Payton! These two racers came into American DRAGCAR during the 2013 Season Finals Wedding Race where Payton won that big money pot, but was another year and another Season Finals pot - would he repeat? After both racers left the line, the computer showed Payton to be ahead by .030, but Ballard’s blown Camaro charged hard on the “Ol Red” small block ‘Vette. At the  nish line, it was the Camaro out in front by just over a fender! Which Chevy? Geanine Ballard’s Camaro was out in front by over a half a car with a 9.257 on her 9.35 index over Payton’s near-perfect 11.053 on an 11.05 e ort. But wait, it happened again. Ballard’s under-index penalty kicked in the Final Round Split whereby both racers would get to split the total  nal round purse 50/50, whle Geanine Ballard took the Predator race win and Tom Payton came away scoring the Judicator points win. The two also got to split the $500 American Walk-In
both  nished with well over $500 each in race car Christmas funds toward next season’s upgrades.
But there’s more! Geanine Ballard  nished the season #4 in points which awarded her more than $300 in Season Bonus pay while Tom Payton scored not only the Best Losing Package Award with his Final Round .024 package, but also the Best Reaction Time Of Eliminations Award with his quarter  nal .008 RT, AND he gets the Fair Competition Guarantee Free Return certi cate from his Final Round loss due to Ballard’s .093 under-index penalty exceeding his own .024 total package. How about that, Payton came into the race on a Free Entry certi cate from late last season and now has 3 more Free Entries already stacked away for next season. Who could ask for anything more?
Eliminator Low Quali er Award and Bob Thurston was the Bounty Award winner as he beat points leader Chris Holbrook in the second round. But, Congratulations to Chris Holbrook who still managed to come out of this Season Finals race as the new Season VI Grand Championship Series SportComp Eliminator DRAGSTAR title holder and now becomes the  rst racer to have two DRAGCAR Dragway trophies on his awards shelf, also collecting nearly $1500 in additional Season Bonus prize money.
Thank You to Area 51 Racing, Arizona Di erential Specialists, American Walk- In Coolers, Roadrunner Converters, Lab One Inc, Race4Home Realty, Wallace Motorsports, Micro Import Service Inc & Auto & Truck Specialists for making the nearly $4,000.00 in Season End Bonus awards possible, and Thank You also goes out to Tucson Dragway & Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park for giving American DRAGCAR the  nest of facilities to run these series’ on.
The Season VII schedule is already set and the  rst date for 2018 will be the Pro Tree T&T at Wild Horse Pass on January 6th so be sure to be there and, Bring Your
 The Double Down DragOut Gambler
came down to DRAGCAR member,
Mike O’Donnell in the Polito Racing
Mustang staging on a 10.28 dial-in
against Colorado transplant John Dexter
who was on a 9.09 dial in his Camaro.
O’Donnell only gave up a hundredth at
the tree but on the top end his 10.340 just
wasn’t enough to hold o  Dexter’s 9.145
charge, and John Dexter was the night’s   DragCar! v DragOut Gambler Winner.
      Geanine Ballard collected another Winner trophy with her Predator Win.
Tom Payton earned the Judicator Win due to Ballard’s Final Round index penalty.
    John Dexter jumped into the DragOut Gambler and took home the money.
Tom Payton put a light on Geanine Ballard in the Final Round but she still managed to get around him on the top end. VOLUME 7 – ISSUE 4 , 2017 83

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