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     Canyon Raceway Peoria, AZ   Out-of-state cars dominated the Pro   LATE MODELS
Nov 24, 2017 – Over 100 cars division Dwarf Car feature while many “A” Feature (30 Laps): 1. Don Shaw,
Canyon Raceway, Peoria, AZ Nov 25, 2017 – The 2017 season for Canyon Speedway Park is
o cially in the books, with the last winner of the year being Don Shaw who swept the weekend in the SWDRA Late Model portion of the Harvest Hustle. Bobby Brown Jr captured the $1,000 pay day in the Pro Division Dwarf Cars while Bob Freiheit also completed his sweep of the weekend in the Sportsman Dwarf Cars. Mike Morrill earned his second feature win of the year with a photo  nish in the Western Modlite portion of the Nationals event. Breaking the streak of sweeps was Mike Colegrove who took home the Power 600 Micro Sprint Feature win and Ashton Torgerson got his  rst win of the season in the Restricted Micro Sprints.
Through the  rst half of the SWDRA Late Model 30 lap feature it looked as though Tony Toste was going to unseat Don Shaw at the top of the  eld, but when the night concluded it was Shaw who stood in victory lane. After starting in the 12th position Shaw methodically worked his way through tra c and found himself behind Toste on a restart midway through the race. Contact between the leaders caused Shaw to fall back to third before he worked his way back up to the rear bumper of Toste, passing for the lead using a lap car as a pick o  in turn four. Cautions plagued the last ten laps of the feature, allowing Toste multiple opportunites to get by Shaw on the restarts, but was unable to take advantage. Shaw took the win ahead of Toste, Fito Gallardo, RC Whitwell & Jacob Gallardo.
After Friday’s feature it seemed as though Bobby Brown Jr may have been untouchable in the Pro Division Dwarf Cars. Bobby jumped to a large early
Story by Tony Steele • Photos © PDQ Photos
    packed the pits for the  rst night of the Inaugural Harvest Hustle on Thanksgiving Weekend at Canyon Speedway Park. Don Shaw led the way in a chaotic Late Model Main Event while Mike Morrill, Bobby Brown, Bob Freiheit, Mason Keefer and Austin Torgerson also took home feature wins.
After the Late Model feature event took the initial green  ag they would not see a yellow until lap 23 of their 30 lap race. Don Shaw snagged the lead early and jumped out to over a straightaway lead on the cars behind him, at one point putting seven lapped cars between himself and second place runner Tony Toste. The battle for second was epic, with Toste racing door-to-door through tra c with Bud Grossenbacher, Brad Williams & Jacob Gallardo. Shaw diced his way through the lapers and held on after a late race restart to take home the $1,500 payday in front of Tony Toste, Jacob Gallardo, Jon Ortega & RC Whitwell.
locals fought through struggles on the  rst night of the Harvest Hustle. Bobby Brown, Jr dominated en route to the victory in the Pro division, but the battle behind him was the story all feature long. Darren Brown, Cory Brown, Darren Brent & Danny Wagner put on a show of slide jobs and position changes throughout a majority of the race. Brent eventually made the pass on Wagner coming to the checkers to lock down the second. Brown took the win in front of Brent, Wagner, Mac Marmon & Tony Ste ensmeier.
In the Sportsman Dwarf Car division it was Bob Freiheit who led the way through the majority of the race to take the win. Freiheit held o  challenges from numerous cars and eventually parked it in victory lane with Dusty Jager, Britney Sandoval, Tyler Rodriguez & Greg Jewett rounding out the top  ve.
Mason Keefer made a late pass on race-long leader Jarrett Martin to visit the winners circle Friday night. Martin slipped up in lap tra c late in the race allowing Keefer to pass on the inside with less than  ve laps to go. Keefer was able to protect the inside as he dealt with more lappers in the last two laps, besting points leader Martin, with Mike Colegrove, Ryan Henesey & Clay Sprau  lling out the top  ve.
2. Tony Toste, 3. Jacob Gallardo, 4. Jon Ortega, 5. RC Whitwell, 6. Dakota Berry, 7. Fito Gallardo, 8. Donald Curtis, 9. Steve Stultz, 10. James Laing
“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. Mike Morrill, 2. Brenden Priest, 3. Josh Rivera, 4. Sean Conyers, 5. Jim Hock, 6. Mike Opoka, 7. Taylor Kuehl, 8. Dawson Fisher, 9. Austin Torgerson, 10. Dave Lems
“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. Bobby Brown Jr, 2. Darren Brent, 3. Danny Wagner, 4. Mac Marmon, 5. Tony Ste ensmeier, 6. Dawson Fisher, 7. Ridge Abbott, 8. Dustin Washburn, 9. Devin Breese, 10. Brian Stehr,
“A” Feature (15 Laps): 1. Bob Freiheit, 2. Dusty Jager, 3. Britney Sandoval, 4. Tyler Rodriguez, 5. Greg Jewett, 6. Mark Pollock, 7. Brad Ernst, 8. Krystal Breese, 9. Ryan Parker, 10. Evan Montenich
“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. Mason Keefer, 2. Jarrett Martin, 3. Michael Colegrove, 4. Ryan Henesey, 5. Clay Sprau, 6. Tyler James, 7. Paul Martin, 8. AJ Hernandez, 9. Ray Herrera, 10. Dale Eliason Jr
“A” Feature (15 Laps): 1. Austin Torgerson, 2. Scotty Milan, 3. Cameron LaRose, 4. Brandon Sampson, 5. Ashton Torgerson, 6. Logan Calderwood, 7. Kaiden Clark
Mike Morrill from Pleasant Hill,
Iowa had to battle to take the win in the
Western Modlite feature event. Morrill
was racing a lane above the cushion
when he  nally pushed too far, going
o  the top of the track in turns three
and four. Restarting the race in the sixth
position, Morrill methodically worked
his way back up into the top three when
contact between hard-charging Shane
Hinsley and Brenden Priest brought out
the yellow. Morrill moved to the lead but
Priest had all eyes on him as he charged
from the back to second in the closing
laps. Morrill held o  Priest after a late
race restart and wound up in victory lane
in front of Priest with Josh Rivera, Sean   the Power 600 series next season. Conyers & Jim Hock the top  ve.
In Restricted Micro Sprints Austin Torgerson dominated on his way to the checkereds, holding o  Scotty Milan who has been the most impressive driver in these cars during the season. Torgerson beat Milan, Cameron LaRose, Brandon Sampson & Ashton Torgerson. Austin and Scotty will both be racing in

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