Page 85 - AZ Extreme - AEM Volume 8 Issue 2
P. 85

  And DRAGCAR has even expanded its program to include a SportComp Eliminator category for the Junior Dragster racers making this likely the only “first one there wins” drag racing format nationwide that’s open to all of the Juniors.
Trish Williams holds the all-time fastest pass in DRAGCAR’s SportComp Eliminator categories with her 6.82/198mph rear engined dragster just showing that racers running ET’s anywhere from 15 seconds to 6 seconds all have an equal shot at true “first one there wins” drag racing in American DRAGCAR.
      DRAGCAR’s SportComp Eliminator adjusted index format uses a system of under-index penalties in addition to performance graphs to deter racer from and police for “sandbagging” tactics.
DRAGCAR’s DragCar Eliminator formulated index format may require racers to occasionally submit to some degree of vehicle verification inspection ranging from preliminary fuel checks and displacement pumping to full head off bore/stroke and intake valve measuring. VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 2 , 2018 85

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