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until Darren Brown made a charge, passing the weekend-long leader. Darren began to walk away until mechanical issues forced him pitside, handing the race lead back over to Bobby. Bobby never looked back, taking the $1,000 paycheck and the weekend sweep. Brown won over Darren Brent, David Teeves, Tony Ste ensmeier & Mac Marmon. The Sportsman division saw another sweep take place as Bob Freiheit took back to back wins during the inaugural Dwarf Car of Arizona Nationals. Freiheit got the win ahead of Dusty Jager for the second night in a row with Je  Brink, Greg Jewett & Brad Ernst rounding out the top  ve.
The Western Modlite Nationals saw a battle for the ages as John Priest’s car came to life in the closing laps of the 25 lap feature event. Mike Morrill dominated Modlite competition all weekend long, holding o  a hard-charging Brenden Priest on Friday night to pick up the win. On Saturday it was the father of the Priest duo, John, who was nipping at the heels of Morrill. Priest started in fourth on a late race restart, almost taking the lead in the  rst turn before a side-by-side battle ensued with Morrill. In the end, Morrill picked up the win by a nose over Priest with Sean Conyers, Josh Rivera & Dave Lems the top  ve.
Mike Colegrove found his way back to Victory Lane with a strong performance in the Power 600 Micro Sprint feature event. Colegrove, who was second in points, did everything in his power to try to knock Jarrett Martin out of the championship position. It seemed as though the battle may tighten up when Martin had issues, dropping out of the top ten early in the feature after contact with another car. Martin did what he needed to do, driving back up to a fourth place  nish to clinch the Power 600 title. Colegrove took the home the race win and second place in points,  nishing ahead of Dale Eliason Jr, Mason Keefer, Martin & George Zills. Restriced Micro action saw Ashton Torgerson, the brother of Friday night feature winner Austin, pick up the win. Ashton  nished ahead of year-long points leader Scotty Milan. Brandon Sampson, Austin Torgerson & Cameron LaRose were the top  ve.
The year is now complete at Canyon Speedway Park. Next up will be the CSP Banquet in January before racing action kicks back o  on January 20th for the IMCA Winter Challenge. For more information give us a call at (602) 258-RACE (7223) or visit us at us on Facebook and all of our social media accounts to stay updated with the latest from CSP! (Twitter - @racecsp ; Instagram - @canyonspeedwaypark).
“A” Feature (30 Laps): 1. Don Shaw, 2. Tony Toste, 3. Fito Gallardo, 4. RC Whitwell, 5. Jacob Gallardo, 6. Bud Grossenbacher, 7. Dean Moore, 8. Dakota Berry, 9. Brad Williams, 10. Bruce Duckett
“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. Mike Morrill, 2. John Priest, 3. Sean Conyers, 4. Josh Rivera, 5. Dave Lems, 6. Jim Hock, 7. Taylor Kuehl, 8. Scott Elderworth, 9. Michael Humphreys, 10. David Taft
“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. Bobby Brown Jr, 2. Darren Brent, 3. David Teeves, 4. Tony Ste ensmeier, 5. Mac Marmon, 6. Dawson Fisher, 7. Danny Wagner, 8. Ridge Abbott, 9. Jason Woods, 10. Eddie Schule
“A” Feature (15 Laps): 1. Bob Freiheit, 2. Dusty Jager, 3. Je  Brink, 4. Greg Jewett, 5. Brad Ernst, 6. Britney Sandoval, 7. Mark Pollock, 8. Tyler Rodriguez, 9. Chris Vernon, 10. Krystal Breese
“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. Michael Colegrove, 2. Dale Eliason Jr, 3. Mason Keefer, 4. Jarrett Martin, 5. George Zills, 6. Ryan Henesey, 7. AJ Hernandez, 8. Clay Sprau, 9. Tyler James, 10. Paul Martin
“A” Feature (15 Laps): 1. Ashton Torgerson, 2. Scotty Milan, 3. Brandon Sampson, 4. Austin Torgerson, 5. Cameron LaRose, 6. Kaiden Clark, 7. Logan Calderwood v

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