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 Tell us about your dragster 3-wheeler
Make: Kawasaki
Model: Funny Bike
Year: As new as the last part I bought – AKA Gas Cap
Chassis: Clupper Drag
Motor: 1325cc Fuel Injected Turbo Alcohol
Tires: Skat-Track
Brakes: Dual Piston Hydraulic
When was your first sand dragster ride?
When I was just a young little dude looking to go fast, my Dad (AKA Roger Ram Jet) and I built my first bike , it was a CB550 punched out to 591 by
the Legendary Wayne Galligan from Custom ATC – MESA, AZ - Wayne is a legendary motor builder in the drag bike world.
In 1988 we built our first laydown drag bike that we purchased from the Famous Glen Brown, it was a 1260cc Kawasaki it was black and blue flew down the track at 4.0 sec.
My next Funny Bike is the currant Fire Ball - 1325cc Fuel Injected Turbo
Alcohol Drag bike that I purchased
with the help from my wonderful
Mom Jacque (RIP) and Grandma-Dee, from Craig Brown son of famous Glen Brown. We have taken this bike to numerous first place podium finishes, including Lucas Oil On the Edge TV Show Race – Albuquerque, NM the Dome Valley Race Track, in Wellton, AZ and Arizona Cycle Park in Buckeye, AZ.
Have you had a fireball following you down the dragstrip before?
Before that night, the only Fire Balls I was familiar with was the nitrous fireballs shooting out of my turbo exhaust. I raised the stakes and took
it up a notch to a Turbocharged fuel injected alcohol fire breathing Kawasaki Funny Bike. (AKA Fireball)
Did you know your dragster 3-wheeler was on fire?
No I dropped the clutch and the bike accelerated at 2.5GS “ shifted into second gear and it felt like a fast pass until the bike shut down, next I felt my legs getting warm , looked behind
me and noticed the bike engulfed in flames like an A Bomb went off right behind me. That’s when I knew I was in trouble, hit the brakes and tried to stop the bike as fast as I could, jumped off and ripped the body off the bike and started throwing dirt then realized my paints were on fire then I started throwing dirt on them – it was getting hot fast.
How’d it feel?
HOT . . . like an A-bomb blew up right behind me.
This happened at the Buckeye sand drag race on March 10, 2018. What caused the fire?
Yes at Arizona Cycle Park – apparently the gas cap had a small crack in it so when I dropped the clutch and launched off the line, the two and a
half Gs’ the bike pulls at that moment shot the alcohol out of the crack in the gas cap and straight on the headers and kaboom we had ignition. Unlike Ricky Bobby - I was on fire – not a good thing when you are trying to run a fast lap.
What is your plans for the 2018 season?
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I plan on taking Fireball back out to Arizona Cycle Park and winning the most rounds so I can take the 2018 ACP Championship Belt!
Do you have a sponsor or family/ friends working with you and your dragster 3-wheeler?
Yes - Thank you to all these companies who help with their continual support: Super Sick – TORCO OIL – TORCO RACE
FUEL – KC Highlights – Buggy Whip – SoundStream - Leading Edge – BROCK RACING
Crew Chief – Rodger Root (AKA Rodger Ram Jet)
Pit Crew – Kylie Saddler – Breana Root - Cash Root – Jason Lee – Mike Brock – Chris Carlson – Devon Harle v
A Ron Swangler Interview – Photos by Ron Swangler
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