Page 9 - AZ Extreme - AEM Volume 8 Issue 3
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The Ez-up series ran concurrent with the AMX state series from January to Jack, pictured were the lucky recipients of these passes. Congratulations to all the April. A total of 6 races with a lot of racing action. There were ez-ups, prizes     series end winners. Now onto the Grand Canyon series and the second half of the
and hole shot awards won at each race. The series end banquet was a packed house. 2 - 6 month practice passes were given away to 2 lucky riders. Hannah and
AMX state series. v
 Photos and Story by Kara Lonati
 Winners of a Free 6-Month Practice Pass
Hannah Conradson (Below) and Jack Mardell (Right) VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 3 , 2018 9

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