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 Friday the 13th maybe unlucky for some, but not for the spectators and racers that attended the
Tucson Dragway Reunion on Friday April 13, 2018 and Saturday April 14th. Cackle cars, tons of immaculate show cars, and enough bracket cars to hold two complete races were competed
for attention. The wheel standing fire truck “Little Red Wagon” and several fuel altered doing exhibition passes
joined the show, featuring the Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car Association who were opening their 2018 racing season. The NNFC brought ten funny cars to compete for an eight car field. Five other Nitro and Alcohol funny cars also showed up to make drivers license and exhibition passes.
Our bracket race for the reunion featured a double points race for the Arizona Drag Racing Association. By
the time the final rounds for ADRA were at the starting line, the NNFC had completed three rounds of qualifying, one on Friday and two more on Saturday along with two rounds of eliminations. ADRA Pro was won by Troy Smith in a Pontiac Ventura while Kim Zimmerman took the Super Pro win in her ‘71 T-Bird. The Arizona Drag Racing Hall of Fame received
two new inductees, Jim Kelso and Jim
Hughes. During round two of the Nitro Funny Car eliminations, Bobby Cotrell captured the new Tucson Dragway Nitro Funny Car E. T. record with a 5.657.
The old record was set by Tim Boychuk in 2015 with a 5.682. Driving a Bucky Austin car, Bobby ran the final against Tim and piloted his funny car to a 5.665 at 244.92 MPH. Tim ran a tire shaking, tail wagging 8.352 at 103.61 MPH for the runner-up spot. v
Story by Bruce Mabry
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