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Racing’s Carly Senter taking the early   wheels with their forward momentum and
     lead and holding it all race in the 250- 400cc class. Carly represents the youth ATV crowd as well as the Women ATV crowd, showing that the youth are the future of ATV racing, and that girls can be just as competitive. Tyler Tsosie took second, pushing hard to catch up to Senter the entire race. Dirt Halo Racing/ CMPFoto rider Dakota Hibler struggled on the rough terrain, but still kept pace and finished third, still finishing three laps. Brian Jackson of Jackson Bros Racing and Wyatt Rock of Caliber racing battled all race in the 91-300cc 10-15-year-old class, with Jackson ultimately taking the top spot, followed by Rock and Tyler Savage. The Blud Lubricants/CMPFoto rider Kolbie Lang put in a solid first lap, but a break in the bike ended his day early. Overall finishes are as follows: Brian jackson, Carly Senter,Wyatt Rock, Tyler Savage, Mason Sabatina, Tyler Tsosie, Dakota Hibler, Kasey Snyder and Kolbie Lang.
kept going. With a bent cage, Kowalski held off the pack as well as he could, but was overtaken by Tj Siewers and Lucas Johnson. Siewers would put a bigger lead on Johnson lap after lap, eventually taking first place 18 seconds ahead of Johnson, who finished two seconds ahead of Kowalski.
The UTV 570’s followed, this time running the same track as the Mini Quads. The three girls of Ellie Koester, Grace Vinagro and Riley Hein finished top three respectively, making an all-girl podium sweep. Zach Anderson, Jessie Owens, Landen De Sousa Dias and Damien Rockhill rounded out the class, all putting in their two laps and finishing the challenging course.
In the Pro UTV’s, it was Tom Wilson with the early lead, followed by James Moore. After one lap, Wilson’s ball joints broke, nearly shearing his tire off as he landed a jump. This left Moore to cruise another seven laps uncontested, keeping a steady pace for a first overall in his new Can-Am. Todd Waling put in a few laps in his 850cc Polaris before pulling off. Clay Winiecki, Chase De Sousa Dias and Evan Striplin were all doing well on lap one, until Striplin tried to let Moore pass him, and ended up in a water pit up to his neck. Chase was putting in good laps until i tie rod broke, ending his day on lap five. That left Winiecki to take the win in the 900cc class. In the 1000cc Non- Turbo class, it was all Kody Winiecki for four laps, with Barry Bennett and William Miller hot on his tail. On lap five, Kody had a mechanical issue that ended his day, leaving Bennett to take the lead, and Robert Olander to make the pass on Miller and take second, with Miller trailing in third. The trip would finish in those positions as John Nix and Hailey Hein would also be taken out of the race. Bruce Kennedy and Neil Carse were close together until lap four, where another mechanical break would end Carse’s day, leaving Kennedy to take the win in 1000cc Turbo. Overall finishes are as follows: James Moore, Bruce Kennedy, Barry Bennett, Robert Olander, William Miller, Clay Winiecki, John Nix, Chase De Sousa Dias, Kody Winiecki and Hailey Hein.
  The Big Quads were up next, with the
ever-dominant Andrew Simmons taking
the lead in the Pro class and never letting
off. Erin Simmons and Rick Ellsworth
were hot in tow, pushing each lap to
close the gap that Andrew had made.
After eight laps, Andrew finished first
with a four-minute lead over his brother
Erin, and Rick Ellworth seven minutes
behind him. In the Expert class, Deshawn
Tallsalt was an early contender for the
win. Deshawn took the lead and led Todd
Ellsworth for seven of the eight laps, but
a battery malfunction killed the bike and
left him watching Ellsworth take the win.
After getting the bike going, Tallsalt took
second place and Austin Snyder took
third. In the Sportsman class, it was
Francisco Lizarraga out front, followed by
Michael Mack and Nick Helton. Lizarraga
led most of lap one, but the water
crossings added an extra challenge and
he started to lose one of his grips. After
falling back to fourth trying to fix it, he
made a pit stop to remove his other grip
and race without them. Lizarraga made
his way back to second place when a nerf
bar broke and sent him to another pit
stop. After his final stop, he made his pass
to second place and stayed there until the
checkered flag flew. Mack was running
well until he lost his fourth and fifth gears,
and as his other gears started to slip, he
pulled off on lap four to save his bike. As
the checkered flag came out, it was the   October 13-14 in Payson. More info at
 Overall, the Lynx Creek Hare Scramble was an incredibly tough race, whether on four wheels or two. Next race is
  steady pace of Nick Helton that led him to victory, followed by Lizarraga and Logan Heath. Top 10 finishes are as follows: Andrew Simmons, Erin Simmons, Rick Ellsworth, Todd Ellsworth, Nick Helton, Deshawn Tallsalt, Austin Snyder, Travis Tarno, Michael Tosie and Francisco Lizarraga.
The UTV 170 class came out in full force, racing solely on the MX track. On lap one, it was Lucas Johnson and Ian Kowalski battling side by side over the step-down, where both cars kept on the gas and flipped end over end right next to each other, followed by third place Vincent Riccitelli doing the same exact thing. All three cars flipped onto their
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