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 Last October’s LOORS race was
to be the last for racer Carl Renezeder. At the  rst of the year,
he stated this was his last year to race, and he’d be done with racing and would be spending more time with his family. However, when he came to Chandler for the season end race, the question was is he going out with a bang?  ree drivers can change one result, that and a 41-point spread to the leader. A er opening ceremonies, Pro 4 class started o  the a ernoon. Kyle LeDuc, both
top points leader and pole position led the start of the race, but fell to the back with what appeared to be mechanical problems. In lap three Renezeder spun out and forced a full course yellow, causing him to fall to the back just in front of LeDuc. Back to racing as all
the other drivers moved up in position with LeDuc & Renezeder stayed at the back for several laps. By lap 9 both of them had moved up the line to the top
5 while Rob MacCachren had taken the lead, holding it until lap 12 when several vehicles crashed and were spinning out, caused yet another full course yellow. Both Renezeder & LeDuc got caught
up together but Kyle moved around to take the lead. Pieces of body, metal and tires were everywhere as the next several laps took place.  e dust was rising and
Oct 21 Wild Horse Motorsports Park • Story & Photos by Scott Spinning
the white  ag was waving, when LeDuc came into the last turn and while in the air crossing the start/ nish line takes the checker, with MacCachren beating out Mittag by half a hood for second. LeDuc made this win his fourth in a row and   h career win in this class. As for Carl, he fell to seventh place for his career ending race. We at AEM wish him the best to his retirement.
Out the gate next was ProLite. Last year all eyes were on Jerett Brooks who closed the 2016 season out with the championship. This year he was on top of his game and hoped to seal 2017 as well; his closest competitor was Brock Heger who was 14 points behind him. The mains started o  with a big rollover for Je  Peck while coming down the
ski jump leaving turn two in a pack
of vehicles three wide. After rolling 5
1⁄2 times, Je  climbed out of his truck but took a ride o  the track in the ambulance. The pack reorganized with Hailie Deegan taking the lead followed by Brock Heger, Jerett Brooks, Brandon Arthur and Ronnie Anderson to top out the list. Degegan held the led until lap 10 when she went wide on the restart and dropped back a few spots. Heger picked up the lead where he stayed crossing the  nish line for the win. Anderson followed up with a second
and Jerett came in third, which was just good enough to seal a class victory in the 2017 Prolite .
Pro Buggy driver, Darren Hardesty was looking to make this race his second season win, which in the end he did with his  rst-place  nish. However, it was not an easy race for anyone
in Pro Buggy. Six laps in, Sammy Ehrenberg high centered long ways
on the K rails out of turn two’s ski jump, causing a full course yellow. The main race took place in the middle of the pack with a  ght for third through  fth. Trevor Birska lost a tire forcing him to pit dropping him out of the top  ve. Sterling Cling had his eyes on Hardesty’s rear bumper and looking for a way around him; Hardesty never let him by. The third and fourth battle was with Bud Ward and Elliot Watson. In the last few laps the drivers held their positions as Ward clocked in the fastest lap for the class at 00:38:912 as he made the move for second, but Sterling closed the roof hatch on Ward as they crossed the  nish line. Sterling held out for second while Ward took third.
The  nal race of the 2017 season
was Pro 2. For former Supercross & Motocross champion Jeremy McGrath to clinch the season championship, all he had to do was start the race and  nish
one lap to seal a victory for his  rst- ever championship on a vehicle with four wheels. The real race was with crowd favorite Rob MacCachren, Brian Deegan and RJ Anderson. Anderson took the lead with Patrick Clark in second until about lap four when it appeared that Anderson may have experienced some mechanical issues which took him out of the lead as Clark  lled the spot. Deegan, MacCachren, Bradley Morris and McGrath  ll the top  ve until the competition yellow. After the restart Deegan came into turn three rather wide, which put him in a bad spot going into turn four, so MacCackren took his opportunity to pass and move into second. A little later, it was seen that Deegan had a rear tire going  at. Now MacCachren had his sights on Clark. For the next several laps, they fought for position to the point they ran side-by-side! It was now down to turn four and as both Clark and MacCachren lifted o  the  nish line jump together, but Clark had just enough of a lead
on MacCachren (0.06) to get the win, leaving Rob to take second. Deegan managed to drive with the  at tire to third place. McGrath came in at  fth, which was more than enough to take his  rst season championship. v
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