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 The Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association’s championship series presented by Motocity brought riders to 3C Ranch in Oracle, Arizona for the Round 3 stop for big bikes, and Round 2 stop for the minis. Xtreme MC hosted the event with over 60 volunteers sweeping, flagging and scoring. With a cool 60 degrees throughout the day, the weather was perfect for riders to test their skills on the tight, technical course. Racing through deep canyons, inclines and declines, all racers from the Pro class to the C class were challenged.
The AA (Pro) class was up first,
with Nick Gabbert taking the holeshot award sponsored by AAA Insurance of Arizona on his FAZT sponsored Yamaha 250. After the great start, Gabbert fell back as the Team Topar backed/Hard OEnduro Outfitters Sherco 300 SEF
of Zack Brawner took over the lead
after the treacherous A line, scaling a huge incline with off camber sections
all around. Second was taken by the Team Topar/AZ Dirtbike Training KTM of Ryan Wells, and third was held by
the DA8 Training KTM of Cody Miller, competing in his first offroad race in years, coming off a solid season of Endurocross. After four laps, Wells took over first place and and second was
held by the Team Topar/ Hard Endure Outfitters Sherco 450 of Mitch Carvolth, racing his first race in the USA in three months after competing in Germany
for a Hard Enduro. Brawner took over third, where they would hold until the checkered flag. Carvolth would take the Fastest Lap award sponsored by Avalon Development alongside his third place, and all three of them would split the $1700 Pro purse sponsored by Realty Providers. Top 10 finishes are as fol- lows: Ryan Wells, Mitch Carvolth, Zack Brawner, Cody Miller, Alec Brawner, Jim Herrero, Nick Gabbert, Austin Evans, and Nick Brawner.
In Open A, the AEO Powersports KTM of Nick Fouts held the lead every lap and took the victo-ry, with Zach Peterson’s Yamaha coming in second and the Motocenter/ GasGas sponsored GasGas of James Flynn taking a third- place finish. Drey Lacroix would bring his GasGas to a fourth-place finish with the Flo Motorsports/Blud Lubricants KTM of Travis Azure taking fifth.
250 A would have Noah Tidball taking his KTM to the top spot with Michael Peristere’s AZ Mo-torcycle Services
Yamaha and Hunter Lamca’s Motocity Yamaha to a second and third place respectively. Kyler Heimer’s Eagle Safety Training/TearOff Products backed KTM 200 took first in the 200A class and a mid-pack finish overall.
30+ A showed the strength of
Wayne Dickert’s Team Topar/Hard Endure Outfitters Sherco, bat-tling with Todd Jarman’s Motocenter KTM and ultimately taking the win. Jarman took second and Brett Kimbal’s Team Kimbal Preferred Professionals Husqvarna would take third.
40+A had the Hanover Powersports KTM of Philip Carlin take the win with the Team Topar KTM of Tim Wussow in second and the Motocity KTM of Paul Jones taking third. Top 10 finishes are as follows: Philip Carlin, Tim Wussow, Paul Jones, Stuart Hammer, Steve Schaeffer, Frevent Millet, Dave Sloan, Tony Jewell, Vance Kennedy and Carl Westphal. Hans Bindels and Mark Buckholz would take first and second in 50+A.
In Open B, Kyler Horton led every lap on his way to a first-place finish, with Jacob Ellison in sec-ond and Thomas Parrella in third. Top 10 finishes are as follows: Kyler Horton, Jacob Ellison, Thomas Parrella, Noah Stokey, Jordan Luke, Nathan Berger, Beau Law, Don Schroeder, Lars Briedis and Zack Russack. In 250B, the Flo Motorsports KTM of Cole Cherick would lead every lap and put an extra lap on everyone else on his way to a win, with Logan Leech and Tim Wagenseller in third. Austin Bott took a fifth-place finish in his first AMRA race on his DA8 Training/ CMPFoto Yamaha 250. In 200B, Caleb Lamca and Michael MacLean came in first and sec-ond.
In 30+B, Jonathan Buchanan took
the win with Michael King and Benjamin Cole taking second and third. Top
10 finishes are: Jonathan Bachanan, Michael King, Benjamin Cole, Nick Fisher, Jeff Baker, Christopher Markle, Moshe Peled, Ran Hezkiahu, Brent Quillin and Phil Gerlings.
In 40+B, Brian Moffett took the
win with Jeremy Giroir and Ryan McClenahan taking second and
third. Top 10 finishes are as follows: Brian Moffett, Jeremy Giroir, Ryan McClenahan, Shawn Barney, Jim Flynn, Steve Keller, David Croteau, Mark Houlden, Andrew Smallhouse and Ben Trapp. In 50+B, Kyle Fondurulia took the win followed by JB Stuart and Stacy Lewis. In 60+B, Allen Poore took the win with six laps, one lap ahead of second place John Cooper and third place Mike Mcdaniel. In Women’s B, the Klim/FMF Bailey Lerwill took the win ahead of Daiana Trapp.
Open C brought Kevin Bradley to the top spot ahead of David Tavares and James Morris. Top 10 finishes are: Kevin Bradley, David Tavares, James Morris, Shon Reim, Kristopher Farmer- Samford, Tristen Bell, Michael Ebert, Joshua Kirk, Nick Carpenter and Brent Phillips. 250C had Craig Johnson on the top spot ahead of Kaden Bedlion and Richard Evans. Top 10 are as fol-
Written and Photographed by Jonathan Barrett
           The AA podium with Ryan Wells in first, Mitch Carvolth in second and Zack Brawner in third. VOLUME 8 – ISSUE 4 , 2018 97

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