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 Arizona Off Road Promotions held their first of two season races this past February in the Vulture Mine area. AZOP race came
the weekend right after the Parker 425 so most of the racers had a short turn around to participate in the Vulture Mine event. This year the track direction was reversed and after comparing lap time for last year times either the course was shorter or quicker. This race proved to be a long, strenuous test of man and machine, and a true proving ground for who has the endurance to complete the longest race in the AZOP season.
Thirteen trucks and buggies started this year’s race. There were seven buggies, ranging from a modified AZ Raceworks VW Beetle driven by Russell Hardy to a class ten Baja buggy driven by Reuben Wood of Wood Bros Racing. Also racing were 6 trucks, ranging from the Hellion Industries 1450 class truck driven by Shaun Davis to the Sohren Racing Heavy Metal class truck driven by “Pistol” Pete Sohren. These custom built vehicles drove a grueling 75-100 miles across the unrelenting desert of the Vulture Mountains. Pete Sohren was hot off the line, crossing checkpoint 3 first. Only 6 minutes behind was the
#110 of Tom Wood, barreling through the deep whoops section. Two minutes behind him was the #1 of John Diaz in the Soy De Rancho Racing truck. The #1623 Open Buggy of Bruce Johnston came bouncing through the whoops at blistering speeds, catching air on every crest. The #1474 of Scott Mccracken was not far behind, but after 1 lap technical difficulties ended his day early.
Throughout the grueling desert race, the competition thinned out as #6139 Craig Dillard, #1476 Ernrique Figueroa, and #1499 Larm Loose all had early endings. At the end of 4 laps, Sohren
in the Heavy Metal class came out on
the top spot of the podium, followed by Shiloh Strunk of the Sportsman Buggy class, and Russell Hardy of Sportsman Buggy as well.
AZOP races trucks, UTV’s and motorcycles. If you are interested
in racing with them or need racing information, go to their website www. To view photos
from this race, go to either www. spinningwheelsphotography.smugmug. com or v
By Spinning Wheels Photography & Jonathan Barrett
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