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lows: Craig Johnson, Kaden Bedlion, Richard Evans, Matthew Brunskill, Erik Johnson, Yohaly Hernandez, Michael Mishler, Zach Griswold, Tyler Ehly and Austin Whitehead. 200C had a podi- um of Deegan Bauch, Kaelyn King and Jacob Campbell. 30+C had Garrett Anderson win with Justin Martin and Andrew Boyd trailing. 40+C had Justin
Kuffel come from a 6th place start to a last lap pass for first and take the win with Robert Tremp in second and Alvaro Mendoza in third. Top 10 are: Justin Kuffel, Robert Trempm Alvaro Mendoza, Robert Blank, Diego Mendoza, An-thony Craighill, Joe Kamai, Chris Bouchard, Jasper Simmons and Nicholas Fieldson. 50+C had Brian Craze take the win
with Thomas Brown and Michael Perry in third. 60+C had William Ebert take the win over Mark Koenig. Women’s C had Catalina Springstroh take the win, with Brea Core, Tracy Evans and Alysa Monahan trailing behind. Youth C had the Supermini winner Dom-inic Craighill win yet again with Ruffin Dodson and
Jeremy Anderson Jr. trailing behind for a second and third.
The round three stop of AMRA’s championship series proved to be a rough and technical race with many challenges throughout. Next stop is the AMRA/Big 6 GP in Lake Havasu City on De-cember 8-9. More info at v
               Ryan Wells climbs the A loop in the Zack Brawner races above the valley AA Class race. of Oracle in the round 3 stop of AMRA’s
Championship Series.
Mitch Carvolth climbs toward a second- place finish in the AA Class.
Arizona EXTREME Motorsports
Cody Miller pushes his Husqvarna towards a fourth- Ryan Wells takes the checkered flag in first place. place finish in the AA class.

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